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Best Movies, Bollywood

Upcoming Bollywood Movies List

By: Teena

Hindi Cinema has entertained us with emotions, Drama, Romance, Horror and Thriller from almost a century.  Bollywood will be celebrating its excellence in Hindi Cinema in 2013 by completing its 100 years.  Year 2013 will be coming with lot of Big Budget movies with lot of entertainment  Drama and action. TOP Bollywood Hindi Movies Releasing in 2013 2012 year was a Year of Block Busters for Bollywood as in 2012 there were Super Duper Movies like Kahaani, Ek Tha Tiger,  Jab Tak Hai ...


Best Games Releasing In 2013

By: infostream

The New Year 2013 is one of the most awaited years for game lovers because many high rated game lovers will launch in 2013. This year will provide a feast for game lovers. Hera I have posted some most awaited PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 games. Watch Dogs: - this is one of the most awaited and is one of the best games those will release in 2013. This is adventure game for all three best platforms PS3, Xbox360 and Microsoft ...

Aakash Tablet, Tablet PC Applications, Tablets and Laptops

Upcoming Cheapest iPADs And Tablets Prices

By: Teena

Upcoming Cheap and Affordable Tablets in 2013 There is good news for Gadgets lovers. Many Tablets Manufacturing companies are launching new and upgraded versions of their tablets models. As demand for tablets are increasing day by day, thanks to internet as everything is becoming online these days from paying bills to  online shopping and in fact many institutes and colleges are providing online teaching and coaching also. Due to this rise in demands, Tablets manufacturing companies are offering tablets in all ranges depending upon the affordability of the customer. One of the Cheapest Tablet Aakash will now be available at just Rs 1900 in coming year. This statement is given by Kapil Sibal in an RBSM meeting. Latest version of Aakash  will be available at the cheapest prices with the advanced applications that all high range Tablets having Like Skype , Making video ...

Digital World, Gadgets, Mobile Phone

Upcoming Mobile Phones in India

By: infostream

The upcoming year 2013 will be feast for techno freaks, And especially for mobile lovers because many awesome mobiles are going to launch in India. Some of those highly waited mobiles are: - Samsung Galaxy Grand: - expected to date of launching is 10 Feb 2013. This is mid range mobile with feather touch. Its display is about 5 inch. Sony Xperia E : - it has android 4.1(Jelly Bin) operating system with 1 GHz processor. It has 3.5 inches touch screen with multi touch up to 2 fingers. It has 3.15 MP camera. Nokia N10: - expected to date of launching is 10 Dec 2013. It has 3.2 inch touch screen. It has 12 MP camera having xenon flash with quad-Led flash. It has 600 Mhz processor and 256 MB RAM. HTC Dash: - this phone will launch in early march 2013. This ...

AAILU.COM News And Updates, ATM Debit Card, Mobile Phone, Recharge Mobile Phones Online

Recharge Your Mobile Through Debit Card

By: Amit

Are you still Recharging your Mobile Phone, Tata Sky, DTH Services and Refill your gadgets through Service Outlets, or using Internet Banking?   Looking for instant Recharge options for Mobile Phone SIM, Tata Sky, Reliance Big TV, DTH or wants to pay online instant with out password login of your Net Banking Facility?   Well, read this article to know, how to recharge your gadgets or make online shopping with out internet banking or password using Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Master, Visa/Maestro Cards. Make Online Transactions Using Debit Card In India, Debit Cards that is ATM Cards are being popular from last few years and our financial institutions are also recommending to use Debit Cards or Fund Transfer, Electronics and Digital System to make transactions.   An ATM Card, Credit Cards are also known as Plastic Money which can be easily keep in our ...

Mobile Phone, Smart Mobile Phones

Latest And Upcoming SMART Mobile Phones 2013

By: Teena

Cheap Mobile Phones and Leading Mobile Phone Companies Due to increase in demand of mobile phones Companies are introducing wide variety of mobile phones.  Aim of the mobile phone companies is to attract customer of every income group from 10000 to 100000 or soon. But majority buyers are middle income group and even low income buyers also increasing.  So mobile phone companies try to reach every customer by introducing cheap prices mobile phones. Famous mobile phone companies like Nokia, Samsung, Tata, and Reliance are the leaders in supplying low cost mobile phones. Earlier Mobile phone companies like Sony, Motorola were not in the race of selling low cost smart mobile phones, but with times these mobile phone companies are also introducing low cost mobile phones to attract low income group customer. According to different surveys Nokia and Samsung leading in supplying good ...

Aakash Tablet, Tablet PC Applications, Tablets and Laptops

India’s AAKASH Tablet II Price And New Features

By: Teena

Tablets in India With Price and AAKASH Tablet New features  What is Tablet?  A small portable Rectangular Computer, similar like a shape of tablets that we swallow with water to get cured.  Due to small size as compared to actual computer and bigger than a mobile phone it is very easy to carry a tablet anywhere.  The mobility of this small computer makes its more demanded than laptops and PCs.  The screen of tablet is like a Flat touch screen of mobile phones with virtual keyboard and can be operated with fingers easily. The old version of Tablet called as “Dynabook “was invented by a scientist in 1972 for school children for educational purpose.  Later in 20th century APPLE introduced iPod in markets. After that it’s a never ending story.  Now Wide verity of tablets is available in markets. AAKASH TABLET Price and ...

Mobile Banking, Mobile Phone, Smart Mobile Phones

Latest Mobile Phones Launching in India in 2013

By: Teena

Upcoming Mobile Phones 2012 to 2013 Demand of Mobile Phones in India is increasing day by day with the increase in population.   Our Indian Government is Distributing Mobiles Phones for free of cost as if it is a necessity of life.   Thus Rise in demand and Increase in standard of living giving Boom to Mobile phones Industry.   Mobile phones have now become the status symbol.   From Last some years social networking sites like Facebook, twitter has become easily accessible with the new techniques mobile phones thus attracting teenagers also. Some famous and brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony are offering wide variety of reasonable handsets with all new features.   New Generations mobile phones have various features like camera, video camera,   Fm radio, Mp 3 player, internet, Maps etc.  These mobile phones are available in Attractive designs and colours.  However the lowest range ...

Mobile Banking, Mobile Phone

How to Use Mobile Banking Services in India

By: Teena

What is Mobile Banking? In simple language Mobile Banking is the Banking done on the Mobile itself.  With the help of WAP enabled smart phones Mobile Banking has offered its users easy transactions for bank  and its customers.   Mobile banking is a form of electronic transfer system of money, a customer can use the services of mobile banking anytime and anywhere irrespective of the time  and place.  This type of transfer of funds saves time of the bankers  and the customers itself. However type of Mobile banking services provided by the banks in India is different from bank to bank but basic services are provided are same. According to a survey conduct in India there is not much increase in Mobile banking users as mostly people don’t rely on internet or mobile banking services due to security reasons. Mobile Banking Services in India Some ...

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